Commercial/Industrial Work Site Safety

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Arc Flash Awareness


(Duration: 75 Minutes)

Work Site Safety - Arc Flash AwarenessThis online Arc Flash Hazard Awareness course offers a well-rounded approach to the basics of electrical safety and will help increase understanding of the dangers of electricity from both a shock protection and an arc flash point of view.

Chainsaw Operator Safety


(Duration: 1.5 Hours)

Work Site Safety - Chainsaw Operator SafetyThis course covers important aspects of chainsaw safety including chainsaw parts, inspection and care, PPE, site preparation, grip and stance, as well as felling, bucking, and limbing techniques.

Electrical Safety Training


(Duration: 75 Minutes)

Work Site Safety - Electrical Safety TrainingThis online Electrical Safety course provides a well-rounded approach to electrical safety basics and will increase understanding of the dangers of electricity from a shock protection as well as an arc flash protection point of view.

Fall Protection Awareness


(Duration: 1.5 Hours)

Oilfield Specific Safety - Fall Protection AwarenessThis online Fall Protection Awareness course provides employers and employees with a basic understanding of workplace fall hazards and the workplace safety measures that can eliminate or mitigate those hazards. It also presents an overview of applicable legislated guidelines and industry practices corresponding to those hazards and control measures.

Fall Protection


(Duration: 1.5 Hours)

Oilfield Specific Safety - Fall ProtectionThis course is designed for individuals who plan, supervise, or perform work at heights. It covers various aspects of fall protection including selection, inspection, and maintenance of fall protection equipment.

Ground Disturbance for Supervisors


(Duration: 3.0 Hours)

Work site Safety - Ground DisturbanceThis course is designed for planners, managers, supervisors, and employees who are or will be required to develop, plan, and implement any type of ground disturbance.

Hazard Assessment


(Duration: 1 Hour)

Work Site Safety - Hazard AssessmentThis online hazard assessment course will help participants to understand the importance of hazard assessments on the overall performance of health and safety management systems.

HSAC – Exposure Level


(Duration: 4 Hours)

Work Site Safety - HSAC Exposure LevelHydraulics are used in all industries. Exposure to hydraulic energy can be extremely hazardous. This HSAC course will establish an awareness of hydraulic hazards in the workplace including environmental health.

HSAC – High Risk Maintenance Level


(Duration: 8 Hours)

Work Site Safety - HSAC - High Risk MaintenanceMaintenance and repair of equipment which utilize hydraulics systems is extremely hazardous. This industry leading course will establish an awareness of hydraulic energy hazards and control.

Lithium Battery Safety


(Duration: 90 Minutes)

Work Site Safety - Lithium Battery SafetyThe use of lithium ion batteries is rapidly expanding in both domestic and international segments of the directional surveying, logging, and oil drilling industries.

WHMIS (Workplace
Hazardous Materials Information System)


(Duration: 1.5 Hours)

Oilfield Specific Safety - WHMISThis online WHMIS course provides a comprehensive series of lessons on the essential topics of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System.