Recreation/Adventure Rider Safety

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) accidents are on the rise in Canada and most are the result of operator error and can be easily avoided.  Riding an ATV requires specialized training as they handle rather differently from a car, motorcycle or bicycle. A responsible ATV owner needs to understand and follow all owner safety warnings and guidelines and familiarize themselves with their ATV in order to reduce the chance of being involved or seriously injured in an accident.

ATV Rider Safety

This online course will provide you with the necessary qualifications and skills required to be a confident ATV rider who is aware of the risks, can manage them and reduce the possibility of injury. Topics we cover are Rider Safety, Getting to know your ATV, Handling and Manouvering and more. If you own or ride an ATV this course is for you.


Snowmobile Rider Safety

As snowmobiling becomes more and more popular, it is important that riders be made aware of the proper etiquette and safety rules that are put in place to make the trails a safe and fun place for everyone to enjoy. This course covers topics which enclude safety and getting to know your snowmobile. A must for any snowmobile enthusiast.